Dexwell was established in 2001 in Brea, California with the goal of providing IT Support and custom software development services for local businesses and medical offices.

Some of our first projects that are still relevant today are the development of a service software for consumer and professional electronic products, and a full CRM and accounting software for property management.

In its early years, Dexwell was heavily involved in converting small medical offices from paper to electronic charts and billing systems, and in setting up the infrastructure to support the oncoming medical digital devices.


In 2014 we started to provide complete Field Service Management solutions to manufacturers of electronic products, home appliances, and other commercial products. Our turn-key solution covers all aspects of field service including: call center, service dispatching, product support, executive office services, product exchanges, refund processing, service network management, technical support, and warranty administration.

Since 2014 Dexwell has built a service network comprised of over 1,200 service providers across United States and Canada ready to meet the expectations of customers and the demands of manufacturers.

To support our operations, we have developed Call Expert, a modern web application that fully integrates all aspects of field service from CRM to service ticket management and warranty submission and administration. Call Expert facilitates communication with customers through notifications and integrates with parts distributors and delivery companies to aid in scheduling and tracking of service progress. Our applications are uniquely designed to visualize data through dashboards and data analysis in order to aid in service quality assessments and decision making.


In 2018 we started a major project to move our original property management software from windows to cloud. In this process we are developing multiple web applications dedicated for different entities involved in the process: the management company, vendors, property owners and their elected representatives.

Our many years of experience in product support and property management along with our ability to design and implement efficient and cost-effective solutions are the key to our success. We are not only developing software, but we are bringing field knowledge and process design experience to every project we embark on to ensure its success.

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