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Dexwell provides information technology solutions and management services to global companies and small businesses. Our expertise in software development spans across a vast range of leading-edge and industry-standard technologies, from building single-user applications to developing enterprise-wide mission-critical business systems.

Call Expert

Call Expert is a complete service management application with features ranging from CRM, service dispatching, warranty claim processing, refunds and exchanges management, to territory coverage management, data visualization and analysis, safety case tracking, support document management, and electronic communication and notifications.

Property Expert

Property Expert is a complete HOA Management software platform. It includes CRM, vendor management, service requests management, complete accounting and bank integration. Homeowners are able to access their information through the Homeowner Portal while Board Members and Vendors can interact with Property Expert through the Connect web application.

Support & Service Management

We offer a turn-key solution for manufacturers looking for complete product support services from call center, to field service management, refund processing, product exchanges, warranty claims, surveys, and product registrations. Our service network is comprised of over 1,200 service providers in US and Canada servicing television, home appliances, and air conditioning products.

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